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Free Hosting
Tue, 5 Dec 2017, 07:41 am
Free Hosting


A free hosting is a non paid hosting service, which supports the forced ads on the subscriber’s website to earn revenue. Free hosting doesn’t make use of those advertising which exists, these come with some of limit on usage. Free host usually give a directory or a sub domain.

Paid hosts offer second level domain along hosting. Many of the free hosts allow use of the separately purchased web domains. A free host operates like a domain name registrar. Many of the web host offer template builders to develop website much more easier. There are some companies which offer free domain which provide free 3rd level domain name free with DNS. There are number of companies which offer best and affordable free hosting services, you can review all those companies.

Some of these free hosts include Wordpress and Blogger. When websites get developed using all these free hosting services, these websites get names as yoursite.wordpress.com and yoursite.blogspot.com.

File Hosting on Free Host

Many of the free hosting services discourage use of free hosting services for image or file hosting in which there is no web page which is setup or established which results in use of bandwidth due to hot linking of files with no gain to a service provider in case of advertising supported services. As a result, remote linking or inclusion of images or hot linking, download and media file format is not permitted or disables on free hosting services.

Other limits on file hosting are limits on file size, for example a free host not allow to upload any of the file larger than 5 MB. Some of the restrictions concern that file types like large media files or programs such as MP3s. Free hosts needs space which is used to host live website. This resulted in growth of free hosting services which are dedicated to the specific type of data like file hosting, video hosting and image hosting services which permits hot linking and remote sharing of files and larger file formats.

Advantages of Free Hosting:

Some free hosting providers give their clients a few advantages while the others offer many. In general, the major pros of free hosting are being listed as under:

  1. The greatest benefit of free hosting is that it allows the users make their website live on the web without paying any hosting charges to the provider.
  2. You can also save money on account of domain registration as it can also be offered free of cost.
  3. Often the storage space is unlimited, so you can upload any amount of digital data on your online project.
  4. The bandwidth and the file size can also be availed in unlimited capacity from certain providers.
  5. There are companies that give free templates and page builder to help you create your website.

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