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Video Hosting
Fri, 1 Dec 2017, 08:05 am
Video Hosting


If you want to run a website where you can display your videos and allow your website members to display and upload your videos. For this you will need video hosting solution.

Features of Video Hosting Software

Video hosting software is loaded with huge number of features. Below are some of the popular features that you'll find in video hosting solutions.

  • Comments – Many of the times these video hosting solutions offer some of the tools to the visitor so that they may be able to comment and rate on each single video. This helps to add a very interactive experience for a visitor which allows them to communicate with other visitors. Videos and Comments likes offer a very easy way to generate an additional content on website and prevent the boredom for visitors.
  •  View Counts - View counts tell that how many times a video has been successfully watched. Displaying counts of video allows your visitors and you to sort and then watch most popular videos.
  • Easy Video Uploads – These solutions are very helpful and are especially designed for visitors to manage and add videos. There is a likelihood which makes easily usage of APIs to import videos from some of the public websites like YouTube or Daily Motion and have to display on your site.
  • Not Only For The Videos – Many of the video software solutions allow to display and manage your other media assets which include images.
  • Mobile Ready – The hosting solutions are especially designed to allow your videos and website to be viewed on visitors' devices whether it is a phone, table or desktop.

  • Monetization of Website – Advertisements are easily added to your site whether in form of short commercials or banner ads. If you like to open your website to public, you can charge your visitors a small token of fee to upload their video to your website.
  • Extensible – Your video website can be easily customized to the specific needs whether you are looking forward to add functionality or customize appearance of your website with huge variety of web templates.
  • Privacy Settings - Your videos can be easily shared both privately or publicly, where users need permission settings to view the videos.
  • SEO Optimization – Video hosting solutions offer huge number of tools which help to get free and maximum exposure for videos through search engines. This includes video tags, descriptions, meta titles, titles and more.

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