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VPS Hosting
Mon, 27 Nov 2017, 08:05 am
VPS Hosting


Full abriviation of VPS is Virtual Private Server, it is a virtualized web server. A VPS based hosting environment acts like a dedicated web server in a shared hosting environment. It is technically both i.e a dedicated hosting and a shared hosting.

A VPS Hosting is one of the several type of hosting accounts that you can choose from to make your website live. To make website online, you need to place website files on server. Setting and managing a webserver cann't be expensive but it is difficult too. Buying a hosting allows to rent out some space on web server, which makes easier for an average person to do website online because they all need to do is to upload all of their website files on web server. You can review the companies which offer best and affordable VPS Hosting.

Why is VPS Hosting different than a Dedicated and a Shared Hosting

With dedicated web servers, you can rent out your entire server. It is an optimal option for people who have very high traffic on their websites or they want to set up their server in specific way. There is no need that everyone should have a fully dedicated web server. If you just started your website then you can save your money if you give a small portion of your server on rent. Shared web hosting is that when you share a small portion of your web server with other users rather than rent out on the entire server to yourself only.

If you consider a dedicated web server and is not sure that whether it is right for you or not, then definitely you should go for a VPS Hosting.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offer affordability of shared hosting whereas at the same time giving you more control and power like a dedicated web server.

Privacy: As you never share your Operating System with anybody else, there are no such other sites on your web server which potentially have access to the files that you own.

Customization: Using a VPS web Server, you have your own Operating System. This means that you have some instances of server applications like MySql, PHP and Apache. If you need these services to be customized, 
you can make those changes which are suitable as per your requirements.

Control: If you are installing web server applications which are required by a system to get restarted, then you can do this at any time. Technically if your sharing a web server with any of the other VPS server, your VPS web server can be suceffulyy restarted without affecting any of the file.

Dedicated Resources: On a VPS web Server, you have a dedicated amount of RAM which is available RAM to you.

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