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ASP Hosting
Thu, 9 Nov 2017, 08:41 am
ASP Hosting

ASP hosting refers to those hosting companies which offer support for Active Server Page.

What is ASP?

ASP are the HTML pages with ASP scripts. ASP scripts are being processed on web server before page is being sent to visitor's browser. ASP allows to develop dynamic database driven pages; a visitor can easily access data in database and can interact with the page objects like Java or Active X components. There are number of companies which offer ASP hosting at very reasonable price and with best quality.

How does ASP work?

When you type in URL of your browser, then it means you are asking your web server to send files to you personal computer. If file is a standard HTML file, then file that your server will receive will look like the same as this did on web server. So, if ASP file is being sent to your personal computer from server, this will first run HTML code and then ASP code. ASP code may be anything else like date, current time or any other information.


How to find an ASP web host?

You will get a web host who will best host you site in Windows server. It is too safer to host ASP pages on Windows server as they are too stable and ASP components work only on Windows. You need to reconsider if your site used database like Access and SQL. It is very important to make sure that your host offers support for type of database as per requirement of your website.


Reasons of ASP hosting for being so popular

ASP is the easiest and simple scripting languages which anybody can learn as ASP language has its source in Basic language.

Since ASP is there for some time, number of ASP scripts are available. There are many paid and free scripts as well as web applications are also available. One can depend on content and these contents are too user friendly.

ASP hosting is too hassle free. It is available in windows based web hosting package and is very easy to access.

When you use ASP hosting, you don’t need to outsource IT, as this becomes very easier.

ASP hosting solutions help to reduce initial investment cost.

ASP gives a huge library of free applications

ASP hosting also offers technical support to clients on the phone also on email.


Advantages of ASP Hosting

1. Keeps Asp.net applications safe and secured with built-in Per-Application configuration and Windows authentication and.

2. Asp.Net help in reducing lines of code which is required to develop applications.

3. HTML and Asp.Net generate dynamic web pages together very smoothly.

4. Being a very ideal web server side scripting language, Asp.Net code runs first on Windows based web server before getting displayed on web browser.

5. Asp.Net framework is an independent, means you can choose any of the programming language which is best suited to the application.

6. With help of built-in configuration information, Asp.Net is very easy to deploy.

7. Windows server monitors thoroughly to the applications running over it, multiple components and web pages.

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