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Linux/Unix Hosting
Tue, 31 Oct 2017, 07:23 am
Linux/Unix Hosting


Web hosting companies offer both Unix and Linux based Hosting services. Unix hosting plans run on Unix based server and Linux hosting plans run on Linux based server and supports PHP programming, Perl programming and MySQL database for a database driven site. Unix based hosting service suits everyone, those look for powerful hosting solutions. There are number of companies which offer best and affordable Unix/Linux Hosting services, you can reviews these companies before you think to buy.

Unix Hosting

Unix is a multitasking and text based operating system which is especially designed to be used by number of people at same time. Unix is most commonly used operating system among number of web servers and is versatile of all of the existing operating systems. Linux is a Unix based operating system. With most of the sites, a Linux based or Unix based hosting solution is best choice. All of these platforms are known for their stability, reliability and flexibility.

There are 2 operating systems which are being used in hosting industry. They are Windows and Unix based operating system. Linux offers hosting companies inexpensive cost of operation and stability. This operating system also offers hosting customers some of the unique features which don’t exist in the Windows system. Most popular version of Linux based operating system is used in hosting industry is RedHat Linux.

Linux Hosting

A Linux based web server is an open source operating system which can be used for the demanding web environments. So, Linux web hosting is that type of web hosting which uses Linux OS on web server and is most popular OS among different hosting providers that include Veber.

Why should Unix/Linux Hosting be used

This decision depends on what type of development tools, programs and script are most important. Suppose, you want Unix OS if you planning to run PHP based script or use MySQL database. Unix is being considered a versatile and more stable platform for web hosting, as well as it is also considered for its low cost. Linux is an open source and free flavour of Unix.

Advantages of Unix/Linux Hosting

UNIX systems are the hands-down winner in this category. There are number of factors which make Unix/Linux based hosting solutions as best solutions to host website. Servers that run on UNIX/LINUX enjoy high availability/reliability and high up-time.

Both of these servers perform very well in such a low-stress conditions so therefore UNIX based web servers under high load  are superior than the Windows.

Web sites change over time. They start small and grow as needs of an organization or the person  running them grow. Both of these platforms adapt to the growing needs, Windows based hosting is much more easily that make it compatible with UNIX programming features like MySQL and PHP. UNIX-based software is not always compatible with Microsoft technologies like VB and .NET development.

Web sites which are designed and programmed to be hosted  under UNIX-based server easily or can be be hosted on Windows server, but reverse is not always true. This makes  UNIX/Linux platform a  better choice.


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