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Dedicated hosting
Thu, 16 Mar 2017, 02:26 am
Dedicated hosting

A dedicated web hosting, dedicated web server or a managed hosting service a a type of an Internet web hosting in which client leases entire server not a shared server with anyone else. Dedicated hosting is much more flexible than the shared one hosting, as the organizations have full on control over servers, including hardware, choice of operating system etc. There is an another level of managed or dedicated web hosting which is commonly referred as a complex managed web hosting. Complex Hosting applies to physical dedicated servers, Virtual servers and Hybrid servers, with many of the companies choosing hybrid hosting web solution. There are some similarities in managed and standard web hosting but key difference is level of engineering and administrative support for what the customer pays of. The customer pays to owe complexity and increased size of infrastructure deployment.

A provider step in order to take most of the management, including IT support, storage, memory and security. Dedicated Hosting service is proactive in nature. The server administration usually be provided by hosting company as add-on service. In some of the cases a dedicated server offers less overhead and larger return on investment. Dedicated servers often housed in the data centers, similarly to the colocation facilities, which provides HVAC systems and redundant power sources.

In a contrast to the colocation, server hardware is owned by provider and in some of the cases they will provide applications or support for the operating system. Using dedicated hosting offers benefits for control, email stability, security, high performance. Due to relative high price of dedicated hosting, this is most used by websites which receive large volume of traffic.


Advantages of choosing a Dedicated Hosting:

1. Resources on Server not shared

While choosing dedicated hosting, you will get full resource of single server. Don’t need to worry about websites which are clogging up server’s RAM and CPU. With dedicated server, it is sure that bad scripts run on other websites spike in bandwidth usage which won’t slow down the server.

2. Enhanced Security and Performance

Choosing dedicated hosting guarantees maximum uptime for website. Shared hosting is best for websites with low to the medium traffic. If your website gets good and organic traffic, though the dedicated servers provide more reliability and stability than the shared hosting. With dedicated server, you can be sure that you are not sharing space with malicious website and potential spammer. Dedicated web hosting allows in enhancement of security, most importantly for companies who handles sensitive transactions over the FTP or SSL.

3. Flexibility

Dedicated server allows flexibility for customizing server to client’s unique needs for software, disk space, RAM and CPU. Using shared hosting, customer is limited to applications, operating environment and software which already has been loaded on server. This may offer software clients which doesn’t need things which they do. Dedicated server allows organizations customizable server environment which fits organizations needs. Organizations can choose software and platform that what they need and allow control that dedicated server is configured.

4. Unique IP address

Each server has its own different IP address. Shared hosting means that you are sharing an IP address with the multiple other websites. If one of the neighbors is an adult site, it could mean having website rank to push down. Dedicated servers are used to run ecommerce websites.

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